Monday, February 8, 2016


At the end of last term we worked on writing information reports. You can read these in the class writing frames. There are some more on the student work page.

A playground is a place where you play on, and, it is been built by people.

Playground materials:
Wood, metal, steel, rope, plastic, rubber, bark, nuts and bolts and nails. A watch tower is from wood, metal and nuts and bolts. Climbing walls are made out of wood, rope and plastic.

Playgrounds are made for exercise. Exercise means getting your body moving and, it will keep you fit. A playground has millions of bits and pieces. Bring your togs because, some playgrounds have a lot of water!

Things to do on a Playground
People can swing across the monkey bars, as long they are not wet. Children can slide down the slide. The rock wall is used to climb up and down. Be careful! The fireman's pole can burn people! Slides are really fun! (especially when they are fast and far!)

Playground benefits
People can gain many benefits from playing on a playground. Swinging on the swings can make the leg bones be a million times more stronger. Self confidence can make kids balance on the narrow beam. Children can make new friends on a playground. People can study animals on a playground. Those were some benefits for playgrounds.

Playgrounds are important for everybody's health. So …………………… play on playgrounds!

We looked at a report on 'Ugly Vegetables that were being thrown out. The children had to design a poster to convince people to buy these vegetables.

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